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I wrote a short piece about Spelman College for the “Tribes” issue of Tin House.  Working with editor, Michelle Wildgen, was a great experience.  She respected my own recollection of my experience.

On more than on occasion, I have been asked to write about my life as a black woman from the south, and the editors are ready for a tale of woe– but I tend to write about the pleasure that my life had brought me.  Sometimes, the editors actually push me to revise– certainly you can’t enjoy being you!

But I do. I love being a black woman.  Yes, there are challenges, and I write about these too,  But I feel very blessed to be the person I am and to be a member of such vibrant communities.

For the Tribes Issue, I wrote about being a student at Spelman College, a black woman’s liberal arts college in Atlanta.  My class mates will recognize a lot of the details— midnight curfew for freshman and the mad dash for the dorms, intense hometown and dormitory cliques– but at the heart of it all is out special sisterhood.  It’s not a PR piece though, I talk about the town-gown tightrope, and our sometimes-fraught relationship with our brothers across the street.

The issue is on newsstands now.

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