A Million Little Links

  • Thank you, everybody for donating to Leaving Atlanta: The Film! We are making such terrific progress. (HUG)
  • Yesterday was World AIDS Day. Annie Lennox on why she is an AIDS activist.
  • My post from last year about why you should take an HIV test. I did.
  • Antonya Nelson remembers the serial killer in her hometown. Obviously, I can relate.
  • Interview with Amy Hempel. I love her writing. I was especially moved by the way she talked about her experience in a writing workshop at Columbia. I know that people have a lot of issues with writing programs, but when the right student connects with the right teacher– magic happens. I know my mentor, Ron Carlson, actually changed the way my brain works and I really mean that.
  • o_o. The NPR rap.
  • There is a lovely photo of Langston Hughes on my tumblr.
  • James Baldwin on love and memory.
  • Video Lit: Terrance Hayes
  • Lauren’s blog always makes me want to be more glamorous.
  • Five cool links— Margaret Atwood, MFA vs NYC and other stuff.
  • Joy Castro on the New Mexico MFA Dominatrix Sex Scandal Dramafest.
  • The introvert’s guide to surviving writers conferences.
  • Inside james Frey’s Fiction Factory. Long, juicy, dishy article. (To my dying day, I will remember the fabulousness of Oprah’s hair on that day she socked it to him.)
  • There are a lot of “end of year” lists out, but I am not going to list them. That stuff makes me feel anxious, although there are some good books listed, some by people I know. Congrats to everybody, but I am not going to jump down that rabbit hole this year. Love, T
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