A Warning Against Self-Sabotage #WRITELIKECRAZY

Sometimes when you are feeling insecure about the writing, you will give the work to someone very critical. I am not a therapist, but I have seen this many times.  You feel like the work is crap, so you will not rest until you find someone who will tell you it’s crap.  If someone is encouraging, you will blow it off as her just being “nice.”  The same thing applies for people who are constantly trolling the web for bad news about publishing.  You don’t believe you will ever be published, so you keep pushing until you find someone or some article that helps you stay in your comfortable place of fear.  If you’re doing this, realise it.  And then stop it.  I would never say that you are your “worst enemy.” It’s an expression I hate.  Afterall, your do more for yourself than anyone else.  You are not your enemy.  But you may in a position where you are not doing all you can to help yourself.  So get yourself together.  Breathe.  Try. And be brave enough to accept praise.  Be brave enough to love yourself and your work,  You deserve it.  Your book deserves it.  You can work hard.  You will work hard.  You have worked hard. You will continue to work hard.  And it will pay off.

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