All The Cool Kids Live in Brooklyn

Colson Whitehead has an amusing piece in the NYT about the mythology of the “Brooklyn Writer.” As a frustrated fiction writer marooned on the wrong side of the Holland Tunnel, I am glad to know that it is mostly hype.. though I must say that Mr. Whitehead is so over it that it makes it seem hipper than ever to live on the F train route. Here’s one adorable, too-cool-for-school paragraph. To read the rest, go to the NYT.

I have a hard time understanding all the hype. I dig it here and all, but it’s just a place. It does not have magical properties. In interviews, I get asked a lot, “What’s it like to write in Brooklyn?” I get invited to do panels with other Brooklyn writers to discuss what it’s like to be a writer in Brooklyn. I expect it’s like writing in Manhattan, but there aren’t as many tourists walking very slowly in front of you when you step out for coffee. It’s like writing in Paris, but there are fewer people speaking French.

And lookie here, we have a snapshot of Colson Whitehead from AWP!

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  1. carlagirl says:

    Ahhh–one of my favorite writers blogging about another of my favorite writers. How wonderful to come across this today! I love visiting your blog–it’s always a pick-me-up. You inspire me!