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Hey everybody, I’m back. I’ve got over 500 emails to answer, one really junky apartment to clean, and grant application to write, and about five pounds to lose because I ate everything I saw in Brazil. Meanwhile, here’s some good reading for you while I get my act back together.

  • I am officially resolving to learn another langauge. I felt like such a doofus being basically monolingual, especially since my translator was so young!I speak okay Spanish– enough to get around, but I want to be able to express complicated thoughts in another language. Airton (pictured here) was able to translate the expression “Creative Writing Insudtrial Complex” without skipping a beat.
  • Mirian Goderich believes the savior of publishing will not be the blockbuster.
  • Anne is looking for essays that you love that will work for a freshman composition book. (I think Joy may have something for you!)
  • Hee hee. I am guilty of the stealth re-arrange in bookstores, too.
  • Herta Muller wins the Nobel! (And she looks so very very cool.)
  • The hardest thing about getting out of prison is finding time to write.
  • Roman Polanski, meet Chris Hansen. (video)
  • The pub-date freakout.
  • RIP to ten magazines– I will not be sorry to see the bridal magazines go….
  • ZZ Packer does not eat carbs. (I know that isn’t exactly breaking news, but we love her, so there.)
  • Alice Randall in interviewed on BookPage about her new novel, Rebel Yell.
  • Fab Hotels in Europe for under $150 a night.
  • Philis Remastered, a new blog by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers.
  • Tess Gallaghers commencement address to the MFA Writers at Whidbey Writers Workshop. Long, but very worth it.
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    1. FeLicia E. says:

      I was there and Tess was great! She comes to the Whidbey program each January to teach seminars. I learn a lot from her each time. She takes her meals with us and we learn as much from her then as we do when she is teaching. This is the first time I heard an address of hers, and I appreciate your sharing this with your readers.