Blocked? 5 Tips #writelikecrazy

We are halfway through #WRITELIKECRAZY in August.  There are good days and bad days and just kind of blah days.  And there are other times when you feel like the muse has left you standing there at the altar.  Here are a few little tricks I do to help me get going when the magic isn’t there. 

Write a letter.  I often write letters in the morning before I start to write to get limbered up and ready to go.  I write on paper, but I am sure email will do the trick too. (However, I am not sure opening that web browser is a great idea.)  But the point here is that writing a letter to a friend buts you in a happy frame of mind and it’s easy writing— no anxiety,  no worries that it’s not good enough.  It reminds you that writing is second nature.  Just an extension of thinking. Of talking. Carefree expression.

Try a new location: Maybe the thrill is gone between you and your writing desk.  Try working somewhere new.  I occaisionally switch it up by going to the public library down the street, even though my typewriters are not welcome there.  I don’t know why it works, but it does,

Read your own work aloud:  Sometimes when I can’t figure out how to move the story forward, I return to what I have written.  Reading it aloud immerses me in the world of the story and I can pick up the thread again.

Clear your desk metaphorically:  Are you stuck because everything you start to write you start thinking of all the other stuff you have to get done?  Maybe take a day and click some things off your to-do list.  Clear up some space in your head.  Decide what things must be done so you can feel comfortable taking a couple hours to write.  Do those things.  Then write.

Take a day off:  Have you been working too hard?  Maybe you need to just walk away for a day.  It’s okay.  I know that they say “a writer writes”, but a writer also has a life.


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