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Y’all, my schedule is killing me! Since I last blogged I have done a classroom visit at Dream Yarp Prep in The Bronx. I read about a half dozen student manuscripts. I drafted a book review, wrote and delivered a “talkshop” at the National Black Writers Conference. (This was quite a highlight of a really hectic week.) AND, I used a curling iron to put about 400 spirals in my hair. And to top it all off, I was at work at 7 am, where I remain, dear reader, to this moment. But before I head off to the next task, let me fill you in on what’s cool on the itnernet today.

  • Opportunity alert: Scholarships for the 2011 Key West Literary Seminars.
  • Congratulations to Tina Chang, Poet Laureate of Brooklyn.
  • I am so glad that I decided NOT to title my novel, The Bigamist’s Daughters.
  • “Top Ten” black authors on twitter.
  • I never knew Annie John was out of print, but I am glad to see that it’s back.
  • Maud Newton decodes Sarah Palin. (Deep, y’all.)
  • My ultra classy publicist.
  • What do you use your journal for?
  • Sarah loves the sentences on Walter Mosley.
  • Book review BINGO. (Can also be used as a drinking game.)
  • If you have these words in your manuscript, scratch them out.
  • White Teeth on video.
  • The Saudi version of American Idol features poets, not singers.
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