Can You Help Me Get The Word Out?

I’ve already posted that I am teaching a class at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provinctetown, Massachusetts June 14-19. I am writing now to ask you to help me get the word out. I wuld appreciate it if you can post on your favorite writing listservs, mention it on your facebook page, or just tell somebody. The poor economy is hurting enrollment and if more people don’t sign up, my class may be canceled. I’ve just found out that FAWC is offering a discount to students, so maybe this will be helpful to people who may want to participate but can’t quite swing the tuition. (Email me for more info about the discount.)
Details about the program are below.


I am teaching a class at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts this summer. The class, Tales From The Kidscape, is all about writing believable stories about young people. It’s not a course about writing YA fiction, rather we are writing coming-of-age stories. Think Baby of The Family, that great ZZ Packer story “Brownies”, Michael Cunningham’s “White Angel”, Angela’s Ashes, Leaving Atlanta (smile), and that great book YOU’VE been working on. I hope that you will consider signing up.
And if you can’t join us, please help me spread the word. Here is a really nice flyer that you can print out and put on bulletin boards, post on your facebook page or you can forward to your friends. (And you know what friend I am talking about. The one who has been secretly working on a story, but won’t take the leap. Tell her to hop in!)

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