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Let’s Help The Dunbar Village Survivors!

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We got the good stuff.
If you’d like to contribute directly to the victims of the Dunbar Village tragedy here’s the info.

Individuals who would like to donate money to the victims can go to any Wachovia Bank and donate to the St. Ann’s Victim’s Assistance Fund. Donations will go directly to the mother and her son.
St. Ann’s Catholic Church will accept donations. Checks can be made payable to the “Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund – St. Ann’s”.
Donations can be mailed to: St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

If you go this route, let me know. At the end of the week, I want to post the results of our hard work and I want to make sure I include you.
On that note, I received the first contribution last night at KGB Bar. Alicia, a member of our blog community, slipped me some cash. “This is for Dunbar Village,” she said.

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