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    Back To Work Links

    Birthfest is over. And now it’s time to get back to work. Here are a few links while I get my consitution together.
    The Day After

  • Congratulations to Rigoberto Gonzalez who is in Oakland this weekend to accept a American Book Award for his memoir, Butterfly Boy!
  • This is a little complicated, so pay attention. Edgar Award winner Charles Ardai has a new book out but it won’t even be considered for the Edgar. Why? Because Ardai is now publishing with Hard Case Crimes, which he owns. This means his new book is technically self-published and very few award committes will even consider a self-published book. Got that?
  • Poet, Elizabeth Bishop, once said she could never write in her writing room. “..it’s always in someone else’s house, or in a bar, or standing up in the kitchen in the middle of the night. . .”
  • In the mood for love? Well, then, maybe this poem is not for you. [via la lauren]
  • And the last word on the subject: thanks for all the birthday love. As you know, I am living in a new city– still making friends, and finding my way around– and I was worried that I wouldn’t have much of a birthday this year, but folks really came through and I really appreciate everything. xo, t
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    RIP Dr. Donda West

    I ran across this video, thought you might like to see it.

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    Mid-Week Links!

  • My mind is playing tricks on me. Yesterday when I blogged about the National Book Award people picking their favorite writers under 35, I forgot to include the link. I think that was sort sort of subconscious passive agressivity on my part. Please forgive me. Here are the chosen cherubs.
  • And speaking of being chosen, The MacArthur Genius Awards were announced yesterday– Twenty-four $500,000 awards were handed out. Slate has sort of broken it down and have made a list of what you can do to up your chances of winning.
  • I’ve got this weird thing for the TV show, House. It’s even weirder since I don’t own a TV and have to watch it on my iPod. And it gets even weirder still when you know that I have a friend who is similarly TV-less and also watches House on my iPod with me. Anyhoo, I didn’t even know that the star,Hugh Laurie, is a novelist!
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    Hurrah for Chimananda Ngozi Adiche!

    Her wonderful novel, Half of A Yellow Sun, has won this year’s Orange Prize. More on the prize here. Check out her powerful website.

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    Guest Blogger: Jacqueline Jones LaMon

    My friend, Jaci, called me on the phone about a month ago. “I’m in love,” she sighed. I said, “Really?” and she said, “Yes, with my novel.” I was thrilled for her. I knew she had a wonderful story idea cooking for some time, but hadn’t quite made the connection. “Great,” I said. “What happened? How’d you get back in the groove?” She started explaining and I asked her to write it up so that she could share her story with our blog community. It’s a message I think we can all benefit from.
    But before you read her story, let me share some of her credentials. Jacqueline Jones Lamon is the author of Gravity USA, a collection of poetry that won the the 2005 recipient of the Quercus Review Poetry Series Annual Book Award. She has also written a novel, In The Arms of One Who Loves Me, published by Random House. She currently teaches in the MFA program at Adelphi University.
    Her post is here.

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    The blog is fixed! If you are still having issues, empty your cache. (If you are on AOL, go to “Clear My Footprints.”) Phil, my webmaster, the genius, has got us up and running again!

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    I have been getting some emails saying that folks cannot view this blog. If you can read this, please let me know in comments. I need to know if you use Mac or PC, and what browser (explorer, safari, firefox, etc.) If you know someone who says they can’t see it, tell that person to scroll halfway down the page and that’s where the entry is. I’ve alerted my webmaster to the problem.
    (I almost said, “let me know if you can’t see it.” It’s early. I am going to go get my coffee.)

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    Links! Links! Links!

  • I’ve been podcast. Check me out on The Bat Segundo Show.
  • Pinky has documented bad AWP fashion. She and her friends pretended to be photographing each other, but really they were taking pics of other people. (And thanks, Ed, for giving credit where credit is due.)
  • Buckabee, A Writer, Inc. has announced the winners of it’s Sadness in Writing Contest. They’ve also sent me a “Sadness Pouch” that I am suppossed to fill with something really sad for thier museum. (But it has to be both sad, and able to fit in a zip-loc.)
  • Buy books, not bombs. The federal goverment can’t seem to find money to fund public libraries. (Thanx, FeLicia)
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