Contrary to Popular Belief…

New Yorkers are nice people and there are really good brothers out there. Imgaine a certain novelist struggling with a HUGE suitcase on the A-train. (I know Ladylee wants to know why I don’t take a taxi like the girls on Sex in the City.) Anyway, I couldn’t get up the stairs to the next platform. (Partically because the suitcase was heavy and partially because I sort of lost my mind on 8th Street in the SHOE district. It’s hard ballancing shoe-boxes AND major luggage.) So, I hear a voice behind me. “Do you need some help?” I thought I had died on gone to heaven a chick-lit universe! The brother was baby-faced, yet manly and he hefted that mega-suitcase onto his broad shoulders and carried up the stairs to the main platform, through the turnstile, and up to street level. (Major dreaminess.) But, alas, life is not chick-lit. As he was helping me, and waiting with me for my ride, he told me two things: his name was Mike and he was NOT trying to hit on me. And he wasn’t. But it made me remember why I love NYC.
(And, a side note: I am not usually a heavy-packer. I usually take a small suitcase with clothes I can mix and match. The wordrobe on the move is because of my photo shoot with Marion Ettlinger. She wants 3-5 outfits, to udse her language “tip to toe”. This means foundational garments, it means SHOES. Need I say more?)

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4 Responses to Contrary to Popular Belief…

  1. kpdreams says:

    You know why can’t the cute ones ever hit on us! It’s like they save that job for the guys we have absolutely no interest in….Anyway, I wish he were hiting on you, that would have made an interesting bit of reading. I love NYC also. I’m originally from NY and there’s no place like it.

  2. Rebecca Tolley-Stokes says:

    can’t wait to see what comes of the photo shoot. marion’s work is so nice.

  3. Ladylee says:

    Uh…Uh… Tayari, why didn’t you get that brotha’s phone number? Goodness!
    And riding the train… Figures. You already feenin’ and got a strange love for the Greyhound, I figure you must love the subway too.
    Limo is the way to go… Not dangerous or adventurous enough for you, hunh?
    1. Next time… get the brotha’s number!!
    2. Behave yourself on this photo shoot, i.e., no gimlet drinking beforehand… hold back some of that ATLien rowdiness, please.
    3. Glad you packed something besides your pink fur coat, i.e., your “stroll gear”.
    Can’t wait to see those pictures! And take some pics of the shoes and post them, gurl!

  4. Jackie says:

    As I read your entry, I held my breath thinking…… he gonna hit her up for a tip? Or steal her suitcase. Whew, glad it ended well. Sort of. He was probably raised by someone from the South.