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  • Why should the kids on the coasts have all the fun? DISCO is a youth writing center modeled on 826 Valencia, offering free writing classes to local youth. It’s located in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. Fabulous.
  • Been making edits over your lover’s shoulder? You could get an author credit.
  • The ten top paid authors. The good news is that there is gender balance. The bad news is that authors of color are S.O.L.
  • Editor, Chris Jackson, is making a deliberate effort to read books by women.
  • The Brooklyn Book Festival looks pretty h-o-t.
  • Poets and Writers ranks MFA programs and AWP says rating are silly.
  • Did you know that a lot of man-on-man romance is written by women for women readers?
  • How to turn your poetry manuscript into a book
  • Less is more when it comes to these Stephen King book jackets.
  • Opportunity Alert: New Voices Award for writers of color who write for kids.
  • Is all the news coverage of the tragedy at VQR unfairly painting Ted Genoways as workplace bully? Tom Bissell defends his editor and friend. Meanwhile, staff is quitting left and right.
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