Does This Count? Yes it does. #WRITELIKECRAZY

To-Do ListI am so happy that so many folks are doing #WRITELIKECRAZY for the month of August.  If you have pictures to share or testimony, you can leave a comment here or you can bop over to my fb page and leave your message there. (I love the pictures of your writing spaces!)

We’re just a couple days in, but I have been gettin questions from folks who want to participate.  Many people tell me what they’re doing and they want to know if it “counts” toward #WLC.  My basic rule of thumb is that if it helps you finish what you’re doing, it’s legit.  But here’s an incomplete list of what you can spend the month of August doing and consider yourself Writing Like Crazy:



  • Reasearch (but be sure to make specific and concrete goals)
  • Generating new pages
  • Revising existing work
  • Outlining
  • Poetry (of course!)
  • Reading to “fill the well”
  • Morning Pages
  • Random Writing Exercises
  • Letter Writing
  • 30 in 30
  • Academic Writing
  • Proposals

What did I miss?

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