Dunbar Village Fund Raiser

Today I saw an article about the sister-bloggers who raised their voices against the NAACP’s support of the Dunbar Village rape suspects. For those of you not following the case, here’s a recap: The details are far too graphic to post here, but a woman and her son were raped and tortured in their home. The assault is the most brutal thing I have ever heard of. Well, the good Revered Al Sharpton of course went to Florida to show his supportfor the suspects. The sister-bloggers (and some brothers) went ballistic and mobilized their readers to turn the ships around. By the time they got through, Sharpton and the NAACP were claiming they never wanted the suspects released on bond (though these flyers tell a different story.)
I am horrified by this crime, but at the same time inspired and impressed by the sister-bloggers who stepped up to the plate. I started thinking, well what can I do? I’m just a novelist. Then I had this idea.
I am going to auction off a manuscript critique and the proceeds will go to the fund for the victims of the Dunbar Village Rape Case. Any other writers out there want to lend a hand? We can put all the offerings on ebay together. I am thinking manuscript critiques, maybe someone can have coffee with their favorite writer? If you’re down, email me. We can make this happen.

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5 Responses to Dunbar Village Fund Raiser

  1. Honoree says:

    Tayari, please count me in on the fund raiser for the Dunbar Village victims. It’s a wonderful idea.
    Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

  2. Joy Castro says:

    Tayari, this is such a great idea. I’d be happy to donate a critique of a personal essay manuscript. Thank you for organizing a response.

  3. Sarah Schulman says:

    Sure, sign me up, Tayari.
    By the way- historical note: one of the reasons that the Scottsboro Boys turned to the US Communist Party for legal defense was because the NAACP had a policy -in the 1930’s- of not defending anyone accused of rape.

  4. Count me in as well–I’d like to do coffee or a classroom visit or something like that.