February Festivities!

I’ve got a lot of things going on this month and I wanted to make sure that I kept folks in the loop.
On February 7th, I’ll be in Hartford, CT, participating in THE BIG READ. The event will be at the Mark Twain House. The event is called from Twain to Hurston to Jones. I’ll read and talk about one of my favorite writers, the late great Zora Neal Hurston. Details here.
On February 28th, I’ll be in Atlanta in a Q&A with Lee Smith. It’s called “Crossing The Line” and we plan to talk about everything that matters to us as writers, as women writers, as southern writers.. you get the idea. This event costs $5 for members of the Margaret Mitchell House and $10 for everyone else. Details here.
On March 3, still in Atlanta, I am giving a reading at the AWP Conference. 7pm at the Hilton downtown. It’s FREE and I really hope you’ll come out. I could use the moral support. I’ll be reading from my new novel is progress. I’m nervous and excited. Like Erykah Badu said that one time: “I’m an artist and I am sensitive about my …..” If you can make it, I’d be mighty happy to see you. Details here.

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2 Responses to February Festivities!

  1. Ladylee says:

    Do you EVER take a breather? My goodness!
    And um, look, with the Margaret Mitchell talk… I don’t want to pay. How about letting me be a part of you entourage or something? I can carry your purse. Better yet, I can refresh your water glass each time you take a sip. In other words, I am looking for the SWATS hook-up.
    I can imagine you turning your nose up at that, LOL… Humph…Nevertheless, you know me: I will most definitely attend both ATL talks!

  2. Mea says:

    Hello Ms. Jones!
    One of the courses that I am taking in grad school at Kennesaw State serves as a consultant group to the Georgia Writers Association. I am one of the newest members of the GWA and I have a free pass for the entire AWP weekend. I am so excited that you will be there to read from your new novel (because I am on the edge of my swivel chair, waiting like a puppy for the new stuff!). You have my support, 100%, so count on my big ‘n’ smiley presence!