Heading Out (again)

Provincetown Bound

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Well, everybody, this is it for my time on Martha’s Vineyard. The sun was kind enough to shine, so I had one realy good beach day before I left. I definitely give this place two thumbs up as a writing haven. The natural beauty is really nurturing. In addition, it’s a little slow here, so it’s easy to focus. At the same time, it’s not so slow that you are ready to pull your hair out just for entertainment. I will say, however, that it is very expensive to spend a significant amount of time on the island. In a way, that also helps the writing. I stayed right here in my little apartment– cooking my own meals, pouring my own Chardonnay. No Very little running the streets and sipping fancy cocktails! Early to bed, early to write. It was wonderful, and very very very productive. My hope is to come up with strategies to maintain this momentum once I get home.

Now I am en route to Provincetown, Massachusetts where I will teach a one-week class called Tales From The Kidscape, which is all about the coming-of-age story. I have already seen the stories that the students have submitted and I can tell you that the class is going to be great.

(Did I ever post a thank you for helping me get the word out about the class? If case I didn’t: THANK YOU! Y’all really came through and I appreciate it.)

If you’re on Cape Cod, consider yourself invited to my reading on Monday. Here are the details:

7pm at the Fine Arts Work Center
24 Pearl Street
Provincetown, Massachusetts

I’d love to see you there!

P.S. I only *wish* I was boating to P-town. I will be driving my raggedy little car, affectionately called “The Bucket.”

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