Hot Fun In The Summertime!

Working on a coming-of-age story? I am teaching a course called “Tales From The Kidscape” at the Split Rock Arts Program at the University of Minnesota.
In this workshop setting we will critique each other’s writing as well as read the work of published authors. I decided to focus on the coming of age story because I really enjoy writing and reading stories with young protagonists that are not YA titles. (Not that there is anything wrong with YA.)
I coined the term “kidscape” because I believe that young people occupy a separate world than adults. Think about it: The Kidscape has a lot in common with life in another country– it’s got its own food, dress, language, etc. Its inhabitants even live under a very specialised set of rules and regulation. Really really getting a grip on this concept is the key to writing realistic young characters.
Interested? Sign up! The class is a week long. And while you’re at it, check out the other offerings. Classes last only one week, but there are five weeks worth of classes to choose from– in all kinds of art!

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