How was your first day? #WRITELIKECRAZY

Change the World, Obama. | Nobel Prize for Peace versionYesterday, my #WRITELIKECRAZY got started with a challenge. I am a morning writer.  I am a morning person in general, but I am not a crazy morning person.  I don’t wake up at 4:30 am and watch the sunrise.  I wake naturally around six, and putter til seven and then I work.  I sometimes see the sun rise, but I don’t watch it.  You know what I mean?  And to be such an early bird, I tend to go to bed early.  I like a good solid eight hours of shut eye.  Nine if I can get it.

So last night as I was preparing for #WLC, I got a call from my friend, Lisa.  “Hey Girl! I’m in town.”  Now, I love Lisa. Adore her.  And I never get to see her, and here she was in NYC.  We were to connect at 8:30, but then her meeting ran late.  As the hour approached 9:30, I had to sadly tell her I would take a raincheck.  Afterall, I had a meeting with my writing at 6am.

You see, when you are a morning writer, you have to say goodbye to nightlife.  It’s hard to accept that you can’t do everything.  For years I tried to be a superwoman– I could work my full time job, keep a clean house, get my social butterfly on, workout four times a week, etc, and write.  But the truth of the matter of that something has to be sacrificed.  Far too often it was the writing.  But not this month.

At 5:30 am, I had my feet on the floor.  (Thank goodness I set the coffee pot before I went to bed!)  I got my two hours in.  It was rough at first.  My writing bones were creaky like grandmama’s knees.  But I remember my grandmother used to warm up her achy joints in the morning and by mid day, she would be moving just fine.

I spent the first 30 minutes or so looking over what I had already written.  It was like seeing an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while.  You know each other, but you have to catch up to get the rhythm on your relationship right again.  But like the best friendships, this only took a few minutes and me and my manuscript picked up where we left off.  I wrote about four pages, give or take.  I feel good about them and I feel good about myself.

So how was your first day? Did you make your goal?  If you didn’t, it’s okay.  You’re warming up.  Try again tomorrow.  If you haven’t written in a while, it may take you a minute to get your rhythm.  Be patient with yourself.  If you write today  than you did yesterday, give yourself credit.  If you write more today than you did all last month, then give yourself even more.

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