Human Traficking At Home

Human Traficking is an epidemic in the United States.  When I say that, you probably have a hard time getting your head around what I am talking about.  I am talking about teen age girls who are forced into prostitution. These girls are on the streets of every city in the country.  When they are apprehended by law enforcement, they go to jail, ruining their lives.    I have always felt uncomfortable when people toss the word “pimp” around in casual conversation, for example “Pimp my novel”, “Pimp my car”, etc.  Pimps enslave women and girls.  It’s not cute.  It’s not funny. It’s not manly or sexy. It’s cowardly and criminal.

GIRLS LIKE US is a new memoir by Rachel Lloyd who was, herself, trafficked, but managed to escape.  She is the founder of GEMS, an organization that helps traficked girls.  It’s an amazing book and this is a serious problem.  Buy it. Read it. And then do something.

GEMS website
Buy the book from IndieBound
An excellent op-ed about this subject
Watch the trailer for the movie, Very Young Girls

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