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  • I don’t quite know the relationship between this photo of Michael Jackson & The Reagans and the post about self-promotion, but it cracked me up.
  • And this video of a white actress auditioning for a Tyler Perry flick made me scream!
  • And these people trying to sell J.D. Sallinger’s comode made me laugh when I thought it was a joke. Then I remembered that I wrote my first novel in a bathroom stall on my lunch break. Will THAT commode one day be considered historic?
  • Jonathan Franzen is not the first writer to be on the cover of Time, here are the others. Still, it’s annoying the crap out of Shelley.
  • The recession is making writers desperate and desperate writers are more likely to sell out.
  • Strange Cargo, an exciting new anthology of emerging talent.(Congrats, Renee!)
  • An agent sent out a memoir proposal and it was returned unread– memoir doesn’t sell. (Luckily, she didn’t take stupid for an answer.)
  • Literary dating site & famous literary loves.
  • Camden saves its libraries!
  • Writers share their favorite fonts.
  • You don’t need a special writing desk to get your work done.
  • Amish is the new sexy.
  • Get your research done at home in your pjs.
  • Terry McMillan is coming to a city near you!
  • This is a publishing horror story. Don’t read it if you are already in a bad mood.
  • Asian-American Writers Workshop leads WORDSTRIKE against the Arizona Immigration Law.
  • Kansas writers, here is a great opportunity for you!
  • A horrible situation at VQR. Is workplace bullying a widespread problem in the academy?
  • Baldwin vs. Buckley (video)
  • **Tayari rolls eyes, walks out the room and slams the door.**
  • Would you like to be a debut writer all over again? Just take a pen name. (Is this sort of like trying to regain your virginity?)
  • Considering a Low-Residency MFA?
  • What to do if someone tried to tell you you are not a “real writer“.
  • Are regular folks connected enough to become literary agents?
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