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You have probably noticed that I have sort of slowed down the blog during these dog days of summer. For one, it’s just too hot to think. And add to that, my air conditioner hasn’t been working. And the biggest factor is that I have given up coffee, which has cost me about 15% of my personality. I am trying to remember why I thought this was such a good idea in the first place. In the meanwhile, here are some pretty good links.

  • Big publisher? Indie? Self Publish? Moonrat breaks down all your options.
  • I, too, noticed that only when the topic is “overrated” writers, the list is really diverse.
  • Ten excellent rules for writing fiction.
  • Jericho Brown on the topic of labels, or, as he calls them, adjectives.
  • The Kindle is a cold shower?
  • Not literary, I know. But, “My Humps” in sign language.
  • Eat, Pray, SPEND. What’s the deal with Priv-Lit?
  • More Kindle hateration.
  • Lauren Cerand is the coolest person in publishing.
  • Really good interview with Aimee Bender.
  • So you want to be an agent?
  • Pretty captivating depression-era photo from Puerto Rico.
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    1. rifferaff says:

      i addressed this on my blog (http://rifferaff.typepad.com/make_it/2010/08/literary-agents-as-gatekeepers-.html) but i’m wondering if you think the requirements for becoming an agent, as outlined in that post you linked above, are inherently biased against people from a wider range of socio-economic levels entering the profession of literary agent.