Quick Check In From VONA

Sorry for being so MIA these last few days. As you know, I am in San Francisco teaching at VONA, the writing workshops for writers of color. I really urge you to apply for next year. I am leading a fiction workshop and my students are amazing and we are having a wonderful time and growing each day.
This year about 500 people applied for about 60 spaces. I tell you this not to intimidate you, but to let you know that the students here are chosen very carefully. For my class the committee evaluated the personal statement as heavily as the sample itself. As a result I have ten hard-working writers, brimming with heart, and talent too. They are at different stages in their writing, but each of them is on her way.
I hope I will be able to post photos soon. I’ve had a terrible cold, so I have been low energy and also I’ve been too vain to be photographed with such puffy eyes. But today, I’ll slap on some concealer and say cheese. I want to document this wonderful experience.
If you’re in San Franciso, I would like to invite you to the faculty reading tonight. Here’s the line up: Suheir Hammad, Tayari Jones, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Mat Johnson, David Mura, and Elmaz Abinader.
June 24th, 7pm, FREE
University of San Francisco
McLaren Hall
2130 Fulton Street

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