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This post is long overdue, but I was waiting on the photos. You may remember a few weeks ago that I told you that I was participating in SWEET!: Actors Reading Writers. It was such a wonderful event.

Here’s the idea: The writer gives an actor about 5-7 pages of work, which the actor thinks of as a script. All genres were represented– fiction, memoir, and poetry. On the big night, the actor goes up on stage and reads the piece. This the brainchild of the writer Shelly Oria and the actor Annie Levy.

(Sidebar: I met Shelly after I chose her excellent story, New York 1, Tel Aviv 0, for the Indiana Review Prize. It was such a kick to meet the woman behind the words.)
Heather Alicia Simms’ performance of The Silver Girl was first on the agenda. I really lucked out is having such a talented and accomlished actor assigned to my work! She really put her foot in it. She made my character, Laverne, pop to life. I would love it if Heather were chosen to narrate my audio book. When she was done with her outstanding performance, I leapt to my feet, clapping and hollering like a manic. I only wish I knew how to whistle. (That’s us in the photo. I was just so thrilled!)
Darin Strauss shared his brave and complex new memoir. Half A Life deals with Darin’s life after a fatal car accident in which a bicyclist was killed. I wondered what it must have felt like to see the actor, Michael Bradley Cohen, reading from Half a Life. In fiction, the “I” is not the author, but in memoir it is. How must it felt see your own words and feelings be expressed by someone who is not you, but who is saying “I” this and “me” that. Add to this that Darin’s memoir is very intense and very personal.

SWEET is on hiatus for the summer, but you should definitely check it out in the fall. You’ll have a good time, I promise.
(and here are some pictures from the event.)

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