Tales From The Kidscape– A Class on Writing Young Characters

On Saturday, May 5, I am teaching a course at the amazing Grub Street Writers Conference:  The Muse and the Marketplace.  I am delighted to be included because this conference is pretty amazing.  I like that they have courses in writing craft– hence the “muse”, and the business end, as well.  If you are in Boston, I strongly encourage you to come by and take a few courses.

My contribution to the festival is a course on writing coming of age stories.  When I last checked there were four places left in my class.  So, there’s still time for you to join in.  There are a lot of amazing other classes.  And the guest authors are top notch.

Meanwhile, here is the description of my class:

The coming of age story is a mainstay of American fiction. It is full of possibility – so many of the most enduring works of literature – fall into this genre: To Kill A Mockingbird, The Bluest Eye, The Catcher in The Rye, Great Expectations, Black Boy, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The popularity of the genre holds fast in both literary and commercial fiction, from Harry Potter to Twilight to Portrait of the Artist of a Young Man and The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. All of these stories require the author to authentically recreate the voice of a child. This craft class is not a literature survey, rather it is a discussion of strategies to create young characters that are are both convincing and compelling. 


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