Thanks A Million, COZBI

When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago I ducked into an adorable Brooklyn boutique called COZBI. The small shop is filled with beautiful clothes for women, handmade dolls, and baby clothes so cute you just want to run out an reproduce! Presiding over the whole operation is Cozbi Cabrera– designer, entrepreneur, quilter, doll-maker, and illustrator of children’s books! (If this sounds familiar, maybe you saw her or her work featured on Oprah!) If you are ever in Brooklyn, stop by her store. She will alter and sew-to-fit– so ladies don’t feel you are too tall, too short, to voluptuous, etc. to wear beautiful clothes. Let Cozbi measure you and hook you up!
And here’s some good news: Ms. Cozbi Cabrera has agreed to do a Q&A here on the blog. I can’t wait to hear account of how she decided to leave her day job to follow her passions! Read her bio. I dare you not to be inspired!

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