The Name Game

My new “Surviving The Draft” column is up. I’ve moved the schedule back from once a week to every other week so that A) I won’t be driven deadline crazy, but also so that I can post only when I have something good to write about. Today, I am writing about choosing names for characters. Here’s a little teaser:

When a fiction writer chooses a name, you must to do so carefully, as it should be a clue to the character’s background. Don’t underestimate “invisible” names—ones that sort of blend in with and strengthen the background of the story. (Of course there are many famous authors who take a different tack. Toni Morrison’s quirky names come to mind. Milkman! First Corinthians!) Quiet names can be workhorses in a story—not flashy but they do a lot of work. The name “Keisha” was really popular for African-American girls of my generation. Nothing says “southern belle” like a woman whose middle name is her mother’s maiden name. These names might not be fun—after all they have the banality of real life—but they can do some heavy lifting in your story. To tighten the strings on your story, try for a little traction by making tension between the ambition of the name and the life of the character.

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