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I don’t know what’s up with me today– or yesterday, or the day before– I am having trouble connecting with the world. I suspect that I am just overwhelmed. You know having too much to do can make you do nothing? I’m kind of there. Yesterday, at my writing date, I was having such a hard time concentrating. That said, here are some links until I can get it back together.

  • Algonquin higlights my short story. (thank you!)
  • Does twitter sell books? Methinks, no. But selling books isn’t the only reason to do something.
  • RES has released her new album *free* on line. And Sade has released a new single that you can hear without charge.
  • Algonquin author, Laila Lalami, weighs in on the Swiss Minarets controversy.
  • Are you turned off by ugly book covers?
  • Write what you know doesn’t mean you don’t have to know what you’re talking about.
  • So you meet an editor and she says, “Send me your manuscript.” Then what?
  • Sarah Schulman on familial homophobia.
  • Alan King on Karibu Books.
  • Shelley’s interesting and ecclectic end-of-year list.
  • I know the money is for charity, but this is so irritating.
  • Renee, honey, in Georgia, this is what we call a high-class problem.
  • Girls Write Now!
  • Authors of color who tweet.
  • Nerd Alert: The MLA Handbooks is online.
  • Crazy Cool Subway Stations.
  • Isn’t Lauren’s living room pretty?
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    One Response to Trying to Get Myself Together Links

    1. Michael Fischer says:

      I like playing around with these “writing rules.” Another one is, “show don’t tell doesn’t mean that you don’t need to tell!”