Tuesday Reads

Working HardI am weaning myself from coffee and lack the energy to properly get out of bed, let alone blog any original content. Meanwhile, here is a sampling from the blogs of the caffeinated.

  • Everyone else is hating on this, but I think it’s cool that McSweeny’s is publishing formal poetry. (pantoums & sunryu only!)
  • Rarely Likeable has a a really good link bucket up. Nice opportunities over there.
  • Speaking of links, Erika’s Monday Opportunities are pretty sweet! She posts a call for a $10K fellowship!
  • Patrick House knows the secret to winning the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. (As for me, I look at the cartoons, see that there is a joke in there somewhere, and then I give up.)
  • The New Yorker summer fiction issue is out. George Saunders is in it!
  • The New York Times has asked writers what books they’d recommend to the presidential candidates. Who knew Junot Diaz could be so sentimental?
  • Lizzie Skurnick reads all the S.E. Hinton books. (You remember The Outsiders, right? Did you know the author was a woman? Did you know she was just 17 when she published her first book??)
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