Twelve-Week Letter Writing Challenge

I love everything about letters– the paper, pens, stamps (!), I even love the suspense of waiting for the mail carrier. Why letters?  Well, you all know I am kind of an analog girl, exhibit A: my typewriter collection.  But also, because I want to live a slowed-down more mindful life.  A letter takes more contemplation than a quick email.  Sexy texts, can be sexy, but a love letter?  That’s whole new level is only because your handwriting is more intimate than your favorite font.  If you send a real letter to a friend who is alone, she can handle it and read it over and over to remember that she is loved.  Letter writing is retro-realness and we need more of it.

So, in praise of heirloom communication, I want to start a twelve-week letter writing challenge.  Just a letter a week for twelve weeks,

To prepare, I suggest you buy yourself a book of stamps, a box of envelopes, and some paper.  I have seen many a letter sit around and go stale for want of a stamp!  Don’t worry about fancy paper.  No one receiving a letter will EVER complain about your stationery.  Good old notebook paper will do.  But I know some of you have pretty paper and cards squirreled away, waiting for an occasion.  Well, here’s an occasion.  Life is an occasion.

Getting addresses can be tricky.  You may just have to ask people, spoiling the surprise, but if you ask NOW for a letter you send in six weeks, the person will not remember.  Or you can do a little detective work or send the letter to a office address.  You’re smart.  You’ll figure something out.

Here’s the plan:

Week 1:  Write a letter a friend you haven’t seen in at least a year.

Week 2:  Write a letter to a relative.

Week 3:  Write a letter to someone under the age of 12, or over the age of 65

Week 4:  Write a letter to someone you feel romantic towards.  (And no, you don’t have to tell the person that’s what you’re doing. LOL)

Week 5:  Write a letter to a teacher who really encouraged you.

Week 6:  Write a letter to someone reminding them of a moment you shared in the past.

Week 7:  Write a thank you letter.

Week 8:  Write a letter to someone local.

Week 9:  Write a fan letter.

Week 10:  Write a letter to someone in another country.

Week 11:  Write a letter to a former neighbor or co-worker

Week 12:  Write a letter to yourself



In case you don’t have friends who meet the criteria above, here are some other options

Write a letter to someone who is travelling and may be feeling homesick.

Write a postcard.

Write an apology.

Write a letter of appreciation on behalf of a salesperson who helped you.

Write a hot steamy love letter than makes you blush.

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