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I know I’ve been a bad blogger. My upcoming trip to Ghana has been a little intense in the preparation department. I went this morning and got my vaccinations— but I had to spend all day Friday finding a doctor who could provide them on such short notice! Visa application: complicated. Then there was the drama of finding subs for my classes. So, please forgive me folks, not being my usual up-to-date self. Luckily for us, other people are blogging and have posted some interesting stuff.

  • Coolness. A scholarship for students– or would-be students– who blog. $10,000.
  • Janice Earlbaum has written a charming essay over at nerve.com about the time her boyfriend gave her a Tomagotchi when she thought she was getting a ring. I keep thinking that I should mine my romantic life for material. I’ve got some crazy stories archived from my 20s and I think I should have a sense of humor about it by now.
  • This is pretty interesting. The Today show is now accepting pitches from self-published authors. I think this is pretty cool. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the way indie authors get played.
  • Shelley is pretty irritated with the NYT review of the new biography of Virginia Wolf that focuses on Wolf’s relationship with her servants. Apparently the NYT thinks servants are an every day part of average women’s lives.
  • Ready or Not: Shirley Chisholm for President. A curated show in Brooklyn. I am so going to see it! (via Supperhussy)
  • Ron Davis is profiled over at Nat Creole. He’s got some beautiful work over there.
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    1. Trenee says:

      You ALWAYS provide great information on your blog. I just applied for the scholarship that you mentioned. At least my blog looks pretty, if nothing else. Thanks again.