Right Brain Planning {elements}If you’re participating in #WRITELIKECRAZY, (like my fb page to be included) try and think of what you want to accomplish and how much of it you can accomplish in a month.  Do not overreach and set yourself up for disappointment.  The goal of this whole project is to leave you jazzed for what you will do next, not to leave you exhausted and feeling like a failure.  We are in this to feel good about ourselves and our writing. I know that there are people who feel like you need a “boot camp” or “tough love”, but for me, the only boots I like are made of Italian leather and I prefer the healing, gentle kind of love.

Now is the time to decided what it is in your writing life that needs doing.  I will tell you that I am not a page count freak.  As a matter of fact, I HATE NaNoWriMo.  (Here’s my essay NaNo Hell No.)  I usually give myself goals of how much time I spend trying.  I figure I cannot control how fast the words come (or not).  But I can control how much time I feel trying and if I have spent the day honestly doing my best, then that is a good day, regardless of outcome.  And, for me, this usually works.  All the days aren’t great days, but the absence of pressure frees me up and allows me to love my process.

But that said, I know counting words or pages works for some people.  So figure out what works for you.

If you are doing a historial project maybe you want to spend the month researching? Or maybe a combo-platter– some researching and some writing.  Just figure out a way to measure your goals.

And last but not least: prepare your space.  I’m scrambling to get my writing room together.  I am still in cardboard from my move from Cambridge more than a month ago.  But come tomorrow morning, I will be ready.  I hope you will be ready too.

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